Transformative Journey From Grief to Healing


The Branches of Light

The Branches of Light stand as your compass, guiding you to the sacred space where sorrow finds solace and renewal begins. They not only illuminate the path but empower you to move beyond the shadows of loss.

Welcome to a sanctuary where grief ends, and the art of healing flourishes.

Join me to transcend your pain
as we nurture understanding, resilience, and healing.

Meet Your Guide

Patty Luckenback

I am an ordained pastoral care minister, teacher, and psychotherapist. My specialty areas include grief support services, psychospiritual growth, and journal writing as a therapeutic adjunct. My greatest joy comes from facilitating others in stepping through the portals of life’s changes.

I desire to assist individuals who have experienced the deep pain of the death of a loved one. I place myself on the front lines of this work to grow and expand in the healing of my very own heart.  I feel the pain and the inspiration that only comes from walking by someone’s side as they loosen their heart and move with the ebb and flow of life.

Featured Book

The Kingdom Of Heart

The Kingdom of Heart is a personal journal and healing guide for anyone who has lost a beloved pet. By journaling your grief in this guided workbook, you will also have the opportunity to create a cherished tribute to your pet. Blank pages are provided for your memories. In the final chapter, you will find ways to move forward past your pain and remember your pet with acceptance and love. ~ Patty Luckenbach

  • Guided Workbook
  • Journaling Pages
  • Create a Cherished Memories
Featured Course

Love Is Forever: Pet Loss Workshop

A three-week workshop to embrace and honor the loss of our animal and experience care and support as we open to a greater understanding of the grief process. ~ Patty Luckenbach

  • Three Live Stream Sessions
  • Online Course Support
  • Create Cherished Memories


Individual support for anyone working through periods of deep loss.  ~ Patty Luckenbach

  • Private One-On-One Grief Session
  • 30 or 60 Minutes
  • Create a Cherished Memories