Branches of Light

Where Grief Finds Solace
and Growth Begins

Discover a sanctuary of resilience and compassionate guidance on your journey of growth.

In the tender embrace of sorrow, a seed of transformation lies waiting. Imagine the Branches of Light as your compass, illuminating a sacred space where your grief can be gently met, and growth finds its tender roots. These branches illuminate a path that allows you to move beyond loss and toward a future filled with newfound strength and wisdom.

Let us create a nurturing, compassionate haven where you can safely process your emotions, honor your loss, and embrace the promise of growth. With personalized support and practices, you’ll uncover the transformative power that resides within you.

Meet Your Guide

Patty Luckenbach

Patty Luckenbach, an inspirational author, speaker, and teacher, has dedicated her life to offering compassion and wisdom amidst life’s greatest challenges. Specializing in personal growth, spirituality, and the journey of loss – especially pet bereavement – Patty’s expertise shines as a beacon of hope and understanding.

Patty’s deepest calling is to offer solace and support to those who have borne the pain of losing a beloved companion. This work reflects Patty’s commitment to her own healing journey. Inspired by profound compassion and fueled by personal knowledge of loss, Patty walks alongside those seeking to open their hearts, accepting the ever-changing currents of life.

Work with Patty to Explore, Embrace, and Grow

Join Patty on a quest for compassionate growth and self-discovery. Together, you’ll navigate the depths of grief, embrace the heights of spiritual resilience, and emerge more fortified and luminous than ever before.

In-Person Sessions on Thursdays at Mile Hi Church, Lakewood, CO
Zoom Live Stream Sessions on Saturdays
60-Min. Session: $97.00


Pet Loss Support:
From Grief to Growth



This 4-week blended workshop, combining live Zoom calls and online resources, offers a safe space to explore the landscape of grief after losing a beloved pet. Discover insights into the grief process, honor the profound bond you shared, and learn tools to nurture yourself as you begin to transform sorrow into growth and resilience.

Each session will include guided discussion, reflection exercises, and optional sharing. It will be led by Patty Luckenbach, an experienced grief coach and devoted animal lover.

  • Journaling and writing activities
  • Storytelling
  • Opportunities for memorializing your pet

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